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Lessons by Ramos

Our Book and Reading List for 10th Grade
Our Book and Reading List for 10th Grade
Parent Letter for 9th Grade
Parent Letter for 10th Grade
California Standards for 9th and 10th Grade English

Click on the book to link to our textbook for 10th Grade English.

Go to The Language of Literature Grade 10Our class agreed to bring the book when asked by the teacher to do so.  The class would be given a minimum of 48hrs. notice.  Students coming to class without their book would spend their class period in B-1 writing standards.  The class agreed to bring their InterActive Reading Book to class everyday except on Fridays.
Go to Language Network Grade 10The Language Network book is to be brought to class on Tuesdays. Students coming to class without their book will spend their class period in B-1 writing standards.   This has been frowned upon by some parents and staff.  To that I reply that in this stage of my students' education, I do not have time to go over the basics of being a responsible student.  Meet me half way folks. 

10th Grade Curriculum for READ 180


Literary Selections


Short Stories

Harrison Bergeron

By the Waters of Babylon

A Sound of Thunder

The Californians Tale

One Thousand Dollars

Everyday Use

Two Friends

The Pit and the Pendulum

A White Heron



Dial Versus Digital

Once More to the Lake

Through the One-Way Mirror

The Border: A glare of Truth



The Piano

Those Winter Sundays

Tonight I Can Write

The Artillerymans Vision

look at this)




Getting a Job

A Celebration of Grandfathers

from Night



from The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

from Antigone



from The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Nights