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Motivating the EL Student
Fun vs. Funny

You don't need to be funny to let your kids have fun while they learn...

"Education is too important to be taken seriously. Humor is one of our most valuable resources but one that is all too often neglected."
Dr. Ken Synder
The FUNdamentals of Humor, Laughter and Play in Education

A lot of teachers tell me that they cannot copy my teaching style because they are not funny like me.  True.  But kids don't need a comedian leading the class to have fun during a lesson.  Picture yourself at an amusement park.  You have fun, but that does not mean that you are having fun because someone is making you laugh.  Right?  So here is a tip to take to make your lesson fun:

1.  Look at the lesson and ask yourself, "Can this assignment be fun?" If the answer is "no" then you need to reevaluate the assignment.  Kids learn more when they are having fun.  By following the simple techniques in SDAIE teaching, your EL students will have a blast in your class.

 P.S. Adding a funny comic strip to a test or an assignment can loosen up a lesson.

You can use this one in a health class.